Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I haven't talked to many people about my situation, well that was until I decided not so long ago I needed to share my story.

I find most people don't get it. Nor should they. I believe until you live an experience it is very difficult to truly understand, no matter what the circumstances. War related PTSD and depression can also be hard to explain as is the case with most mental illness. Most people feel they should just 'get over it'.

I had a friend say those exact words to me once and it totally shocked me. Probably won't surprise you to know that from that point on I could no longer share what I was going through with her.

I also find educating those around me on exactly what PTSD is can be tiring. If it was cancer or heart disease we were dealing with people instantly have an understanding but for us it's a slow process.

Over the last year or so awareness of what these Vets are dealing with when they return has definitely increased. It also helps when someone at the top of the hierarchy puts their hand up and shares their own PTSD experience.

I have done umpteen counselling sessions and attended courses and found strength and comfort in sharing experiences with other wives and partners but ultimately it rests with me.

The Partners’ program run at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital in Melbourne that is conducted in conjunction with the Veterans’ Psychiatry Service PTSD Program is wonderful - a more skilled, compassionate group of professionals you will not find. The program is informative and educational and provided a safe space to be vulnerable.

Do you have someone who understands you and your situation and will listen? Have you done much counselling?

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