Sunday, August 25, 2013

socially speaking

Being out in the big wide world can be a scary thing at times.

Imagine being out in the world where a car back firing can cause heart wrenching fear, driving in the car produces anxiety way beyond all reasonableness, crowds of people equal danger, unplanned and unknown situations are to be avoided and the simple pleasures of just being social can turn to disaster very quickly.

Exhausting to say the least. 

As a partner I'm now hyper vigilant when it comes to social situations or if we are out in public. I look for potential situations that I know my Mr won't handle and try to intervene or remove us from them.

We are not an easy couple to be around at times. We need understanding and patience and family and friends can understandably tire of this. Being around someone who is constantly depressed is not easy.

Anti-social probably best describes us now. 

A night a home with our pups and our own company seems to work best for now.

How do you handle social situations? Do you find you avoid going out these days?


  1. Hi again Mel,

    Whenever I'm in a depressed state, I can't stand being around people - I end up being angry at everyone around me. That's why I end up staying home and declining invitations from friends. I think one of the best things I ever did was to come clean with them about how bad the depression was.

    When I was with my then boyfriend, I felt bad about declining invitations, because he felt like he couldn't or shouldn't go out either. I found though that sometimes, it was a nice break for us. He gets to enjoy himself with friends, and I get to just breathe.

  2. Hi there Toni
    You're a great gal leaving me a comment. Funny how you sometimes need to know someone is reading!
    I think getting really honest with your friends is the best thing you can do. I've found it take the pressure off and you don't feel like you have to constantly make excuses. Some get it others don't but I'm ok with that now.

    I agree it's important to be able to still maintain your own circle of buddies without your partner tagging along. Often for me this is essential as I don't have to 'manage' my social time I can just relax.

    Hope you're travelling ok at the moment x