Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I've just downloaded the last two weeks of photos off my phone onto my computer. I'm so glad I have a  tendency to snap away a fair bit. I sometimes need to be reminded of all the lovely bits and pieces that fill my life. Photos do that for me.

I've been away with 3 lovely friends sharing time doing girly things. We walked in the bush, soaked in the outdoor spa, laughed, gossiped, ate, drank, soaked up the cool fresh mountain air, talked about stuff only girls can, ate chocolate, sat by the fire, laughed at each other in our pj's, took photos of the beauty that surrounded us, dreamed of travels, sang together and just recharged.

It takes me a while to relax these days. I'm often just too tired. Anxiety will do that to you. It was so lovely to just go with the flow and allow others to take care of arrangements.

I sometimes forget what it feels like just to 'take it as it comes'. No forward planning, no escape plans, no plan B, no potential for something totally innocent to change the mood, no eggshells, just going with the flow. It feels good.

Everyone needs to recharge but I think those of us living around PTSD probably need it more frequently than most.

Sometimes my recharging can be as simple as a really long sound sleep but a weekend with the girls' was just the tonic I needed this time around.

What do you do to recharge yourself? Do you find yourself feeling tired and worn out?

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