Sunday, March 23, 2014

keeping it real

More than a month has gone by and I haven't posted here. There are no excuses. We've been riding the depression roller coaster here in this house and it's exhausting. I'm sure most of you are all too familiar with this ride.

It's a pity it's not exhilarating and fun instead being dark, tiresome and something I can't wait to get off.

The constant despair is what I'm finding hard to cope with this time around. It starts to become all consuming and is so hideous the way it finds ways of robbing you of the simple pleasures in life.

Being surrounded by this is a heavy burden and tests my naturally positive state of being.

Even my 'glass half full' approach started to look very empty.

To see someone you love suffering in such a way is nothing less than heartbreaking.

Then last week there was a slight change in mood. Not sure what it was, maybe the last argument we had. The enormous black cloud may have changed to grey, we are aiming for a big fluffy silver one!

Peace and harmony has returned to our house and I can't even pretend to tell you how incredibly happy that makes me.

I'm taking one day at a time, I dare not look too far ahead but I'm certainly not looking back.

If this sounds like what you're going through or have been through with your partner let me tell you, you're certainly not alone.

Take care out there and may we all have a little more light in our lives even it it's just a light shade of grey.

Mel x