Saturday, September 14, 2013


I think most of us who live around loved ones suffering from PTSD and depression feel a level of sadness at times. I know I do and have.

There is the big ugly all consuming sadness that life as we knew it will never return.

Hopes, dreams and expectations have had to be reshaped. Some for the better, some I'm not so sure about.

There is a lingering sadness when I see the man I love struggling with such simple life skills.

There is the unexpected sadness that catches me out at times when I'm least expecting it to.

There is the angry and frustrating sadness that just as we seem to be making progress something trips us up.

There is the daily sadness of of being around someone who largely can only see the negative aspects of their life.

And there are days when for no glaringly obvious reason I just feel sad.

I don't feel depressed but I do feel sad at times.

How about you, do you feel sad and if so what do you do in times of sadness?

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