Sunday, September 22, 2013


This past week while attending a session with our counsellor (she is helping us function as a couple again) we started to talk about the topic of loss.

Strangely that is exactly what I had been thinking about as I walked along the beach that morning. For some reason my thoughts turned to all that had been lost in our lives. And as my brain does it began to make a list.

The loss of health, well-being, employment, income, confidence, self esteem, trust in the system, dreams, friends, opportunities, time, certainty, goals, a way forward, colleagues, ambitions, security, calm, purpose and so my list kept getting longer.

I mentioned to our counsellor that I'm ready to start adding bits back into our lives as constant loss is incredibly unsettling.

There is no quick solution. I practise gratitude every day but there are some days were I feel really ripped off. I think in the world of psychologists this is called 'lack of acceptance'.

We are focusing on adding bits back into our lives, what this will look like is yet to determined but I'm sick of watching so many parts of our lives just dissolve into thin air never to return.

Do you feel like you've experience your share of loss?

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