Monday, June 3, 2013

the rising sun

I'm totally addicted to watching the sun rise. I try to see it as often as I can. Some might say I'm mad. It helps that my bedroom faces east and I have a wonderful view to entice me from my bed. I like to photograph what I see as no two days are ever the same. I don't use a fancy camera just my iPhone.

Living close to the beach I try to get myself down there for a walk, a different view and to clear the cobwebs. Often I'm the only one around which is just perfect, a lovely way to start the day. The peace is very calming.

I probably should be running laps of the beach but I just tend to stroll along. Soaking it all in. Sometimes I just sit and stare.

I find it a great way of managing stressful times and taking time for myself particularly when things are a little tense or unsettled in the house.

How do you start your day?
Do you try and fit some time in for yourself before things get going in the day?
Any fellow early birds out there?

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