Friday, June 14, 2013

joy full

I've gone through periods when finding joy has been hard.

For me it's the simple stuff that can often turn things around.

Cuddling a pup, smelling a rose, seeing my bulbs pop their little heads above the earth, cooking a delicious meal, spending time at home, doing lots of nothing, seeing my Mr smile, a tidy house, the first glimpse of sun in the morning, an empty beach, learning to crochet, time with family, belly laughing with friends, a hot shower, fresh sheets, warm socks, a whiff of my favourite perfume, dreaming of far away places, being kind and doing things for others all fill me with joy.

It can be very easy to forget what really brings joy into your life when times get tough. I find I regularly need to remind myself just how wonderful life really is. It seems to helps me get through the rough and rocky bits.

What fills you with joy?

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