Saturday, December 6, 2014

silly season

Well December snuck up on us very quickly in this house. The year is all but grinding to a halt but before we shut the door on 2014 there are a few parties to attend, social gatherings to tick off, work functions to endure and then of course family fun over Christmas.

This year has already been different for us. We celebrated Christmas two weeks ago as my folks are heading off overseas next week. It actually felt ok doing Christmas in November. I didn't over buy, I felt calm, there was no lead up we just did it, there were no real expectations of how it should be and I kinda like that.

Social situations are a challenge for my husband still to this day. The feeling of being cornered or in a large noisy gathering never works well. As most Christmas celebrations involve alcohol he feels like he's missing out at times. I'm on alert and find it hard to relax waiting for the sign that we need to leave and leave now!

It can be an isolating time for some and we probably tend to isolate ourselves just so that we make it to Christmas Day in one piece. The expectation that you're out having a wow of a time and moving from one party to the next has never been a reality for me. Bring on the quiet days and small gatherings where you get to talk to friends and find out how life is for them and what they might be planning to do come Christmas Day.

So this 'silly season' I will look forward to minimum fuss, great food, icy cold champagne and small gatherings of family and friends. I haven't done much decorating opting for lights and candles this year. I love having the lights on during the day and of course at night they really are pretty.

I hope your lead up to Christmas is pleasant and come the big day you arrive feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy all that you have planned.

Mel x


  1. Thanks Lyn. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, we did ok at this end.
    Mel x