Saturday, May 3, 2014

cool change

This week it has really felt like winter is well and truly on its way. The autumn colours have intensified and the leaves scattered in my garden seem to multiply every day. I love this time of year.

The short days and cold weather can be hard for some but I find the cosy comfort of home very appealing at this time.

I actually love walking on the beach even more when it's cold and I'm dressed warmly.

It's a great way to clear the cobwebs and to focus on nothing but keeping warm and walking a little faster to stay warm.

The beach is where I go to find a little 'pocket of peace'. To see the day dawn and watch a brand new day unfold can bring hope and the chance to start afresh.

This past week has produced some truly stunning sights which I wanted to share with you.

ANZAC Day treated us well at this end. A day that can go either way. This year it was calm, quiet and meaningful in many ways. The deep sadness that has over shadowed previous ANZAC days' seemed to have been kept in check this year. For that I am grateful.

I'm also very grateful and somewhat overwhelmed with those of you who've found my blog via Welcome to this little space of mine and thanks so much for dropping by. Beth never hesitated to post my story and to have such enthusiasm and support is heart warming, thank you Beth x

I hope we can share our experiences. I very much look forward to talking with you here, there's much to share.

What season is your favourite?
Where do you go to find a 'pocket of peace'?


  1. I think that living with someone with PTSD has been such an empowering time for me. I have become less selfish and so much more understanding. I now know what it's like to love someone unconditionally. For me those 'pockets of peace' happen when I see my partner at peace.

    1. Hi Lyn
      That's just lovely. I'm still learning it seems to be day by day of me at times.


  2. Favourite season- definitely winter.