Thursday, December 5, 2013

getting festive

Well December has arrived and the count down to Christmas Day seems to have started. I've not really looked forward to Christmas for a number of years, just another day where expectations on everyone being happy and jolly seems to cause me some anxiety.

I do love being around family but a low-key affair suits us best these days. This year we will host lunch on Christmas Day and strangely enough I'm looking forward to it. We are aiming for a relaxed and simple day.

The planning has started.

The decorations are up. I've made most of them this year using my new found crochet skills and bits and pieces from the garden.

I know how I want the table to look, white and red this year. The shopping list has been started and the buying of as much as I can in the next week is under way. The bubbles,wine and cocktails have been selected.

We go traditional here. No salads and cold meat on my table. There will be glazed ham, roast pork with crackling and moist turkey filled with a delicious stuffing. Roast veggies of all kinds and gravy.

Mum will make the pudding and flame it and I will make chocolate and raspberry roulade as I'm not a dried fruit fan. Custard, double cream and homemade icecream will all be on offer.

We are dusting off our board games in readiness for some post lunch fun for those who are still awake.

If the weather is kind there might even be a little badminton in the garden.

We have been given our names for 'Secret Santa' so the gift giving isn't extreme at all. Everyone has something to open but we don't go gift crazy.

So for now I hope the festive feeling stays with me and I also hope you are planning something that suits you and yours.

Do you have any traditions that you look forward to each year?
Does Christmas cause you to feel anxious?

Daisy is in dog heaven surrounded by her Christmas treats!


  1. Gosh Mel.
    It's nice in a somber way to know that I am going through the same things. Thanks for your blog. Might start my own.

  2. Hi Lyn
    Thanks so much for commenting. It's nice to know people are reading and relating to what seems to be an isolating world we live in when ptsd enters it. It would be great if you started a blog, I'd love to read it. Let me know if I can help in any way to get you started.
    Take care and I hope 2014 is a good one for you
    Mel x