Monday, October 7, 2013

changing focus

This year I was determined to learn a new skill. Something told me that I needed to find an outlet that would shift my focus from all that was happening around me to something that would totally distract and engage me.

I happened to be walking past a lovely new yarn shop in town and there was a nice big sign offering crochet classes. I went in and enrolled there and then and over the next six weeks I began to build my love for this creative outlet.

During winter it was lovely to spend the cold nights with my mind concentrating on my next stitch. There's something very comforting and cosy about being surrounded by yarn.

Initially all I wanted to do was learn enough so I could make a granny square rug. I had no pattern I just knew I wanted it to be colourful and I wanted to experiment and have fun creating.

I found myself totally absorbed in the world of crochet. It made me sit still for at least 30 minutes at a time. I have had to concentrate so as not to muck up the stitches. I've felt calm when just sitting and creating and I've been pleased with what I've managed to make.

I have just finished my second rug. 

A perfect reminder of spring 2013 as this one is full of flowers.

I'm happy to have found this little patch of happiness and creativity. 

I'm hoping crochet will be part of my life for some time to come and encourage me to take time to sit and change focus.

Do you have something that totally changes your focus and allows you to switch off?

nothing like a cuppa, crochet and sunshine
the flower that started it all

granny square love
perfect cosy comfort

 the next obsession, maybelle flowers

starting to come together
Spring creation for 2013


  1. love this! Good job! I recently learnt how to crochet and its good fun :)

    Anna Czarina

    1. Hi Anna

      Sorry for the delay in responding, I've been away. I'm glad you like crochet too! I'm trying to work out what I might make for Christmas decorations this year and I think there will be a couple of crocheted stars coming up! Thanks for your comment.

      Mel x

  2. Just reading back through your blog. Gosh, I am officially picking up the hook tomorrow. I tried last year and was never happy with anything and pulled everything I did apart. Perhaps I just need to persevere rather than seek perfection. Practice makes perfect I guess.
    Every piece is just stunning!